Where the Wild Things Are [2009] directed by Spike Jonze

Happiness isn’t always the best way to be happy.

Spike Jonze’s Opening Ceremony Play

"For obvious reasons, every interviewer asks me about [the role of technology in "Her"], and, well, you’ve seen the movie—it definitely has a lot of ideas about technology and the way we live with technology, and the way technology helps us connect or not connect. But I think what I was really trying to write about was the way we long to connect with each other. I really tried to make more of a relationship movie—or a love story and a relationship movie in the context of right now." - Spike Jonze, director of “Her”.

@drjartusThe stars of tonight’s big show! Amazing performance with an amazing SS 15 collection @openingceremony

Spike Jonze, Jonah Hill, and Humberto Leon talk 100% Lost Cotton (x)

"There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen."

Spike Jonze for Band of Outsiders.

"There is truth, and there are lies, and art always tells the truth. Even when it’s lying." Being John Malkovich (1999) 

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